Data Security Assessment:

  • A workshop with your teams to check your current DNS server configurations in your network
  • A penetration test / exfiltration test of your current DNS servers
    • Only read-only actions will be performed.
    • No modifications made to existing configuration
    • Pen testing is carried out from specifically designed toolkit.
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What you will receive

A detailed Assessment Report Containing:

  • Check performed and summary of results
  • Evidence of exfiltration success
  • Recommended actions to improve: Protection against data theft / security of resources and users / continuity of service / service quality, performance and user experience

An onsite result presentation to your technical and management team.

  • Explanation of assessment results
  • Review of recommended actions.
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  • Received advice and support to address complex security vulnerabilities and protect sensitive data.
  • Ensure your DNS configuration is optimal and operating efficiently
  • Deal with dynamic threats on your network (APT, botnets, ransomware) which cannot be effectively handled by firewalls alone.
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We only know what we know!!

Business is moving faster than ever, most company need to ensure business continuity, preserve brand reputation and protect customer data and intellectual property. With such complex IT environment, organizations will need professional help to protect and ensure they are safe from ill intended intruders.

In SKTSYS we work with the world fastest growing DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) vendor to help organizations drive business efficiency through agile, secure and reliable network infrastructures.



Next Steps...

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